The May Issue

I've heard from a lot of you that the May issue of Martha Stewart Living is really hitting the spot! I agree: it's a great issue. I think it has that balance that makes a good issue tick: a great mix of core-content subjects, beautiful photography, really good recipes (those cakes!!) and helpful information and ideas for DIY projects around the home. The cover is really pretty, too: thoughtfully styled with carefully arranged titles. Two thumbs up from me! Look for it on newsstands.

Martha in "Cherry Bombe" Magazine

A friend of mine at work told me about Cherry Bombe magazine last year and I've been an admirer ever since. In the magazine's own words: "Cherry Bombe is a beautifully-designed biannual publication that celebrates women and food - those who grow it, make it, serve it, style it, enjoy it and everything in between. It is about sustenance and style and things that nourish the mind, the eye, and of course the stomach."

It is little wonder then that the editors chose Martha Stewart as the cover girl for their ninth issue! She is the living, breathing embodiment of the preceding manifesto! You can find Cherry Bombe at select bookstores worldwide, or through subscription. You can also purchase singular issues through their website.


Two More Books on the Way!

Even though most of us are enjoying Martha's latest cookbook, A New Way to Bake, I always like to look ahead to what's next. Martha still has two books yet to be released in 2017 - both cooking related - and below is a little preview of what to look forward to.
Cook it slow, cook it smart. Leave it to the experts at Martha Stewart to figure out the best ways to use this favorite appliance. The 110 recipes in this book make the most of the slow cooker’s assets (low heat, hands-off cooking), while also uncovering its hidden potential. Readers will find that they can not only braise cuts of meat until meltingly tender and let soups and stews simmer away untended, but also gently poach fish, cook up creamy scalloped potatoes, and bake a perfect cheesecake. This book has everything home cooks need to maximize flavor and make life a whole lot easier. It will be released on August 29th.
Cozy up at home with more than 100 recipes to cook for each other and for friends. The team at Martha Stewart Living has created the ultimate cookbook for the modern couple. Discover how to make your kitchen function well as the two of you whip up the meals you love—quick weeknight dinners, casual brunches, and parties big and small. This book will be released on November 7th.


Season Five of Cooking School starts April 22!

For the fifth season of Martha Stewart's Cooking School (can you believe it's been five years since its debut?) Martha will explore the rich and vibrant cuisine of the Arabian Gulf region. Over 13 episodes, Martha will make more than 50 delectable dishes, each one revealing fresh flavour combinations and inventive techniques.

Martha was inspired by a friend of hers from the region, Youssef El-Deeb, who suggested that Martha devote a season of Cooking School to the wonderful flavours of this region. The aim is to make them accessible to American audiences by making the recipes a bit lighter, a bit healthier and a bit less caloric.

It was Martha's travels to the Middle East a few years ago, however, that really made her fall in love with the foods from this region. "I traveled to Dubai to launch our Weddings magazine there," she writes in her column in the May issue of Martha Stewart Living. "It was my very first visit to that part of the world, and I was enchanted with the desert, the markets, the hustle and bustle of the fast-growing cities and towns - the intense activity everywhere."

After about twelve weeks developing recipes with a group of her food editors, a final tally of 52 dishes was conceived, all of which will be demonstrated over 13 episodes on the new season of Cooking School, which airs tomorrow on PBS stations across the United States. Click here for local listings and more information about the program.
Among the recipes is khameer (shown above), a tasty breakfast bread made with dates. Click here for the recipe. As someone who has Lebanese ancestry, I'm bound to love this season! I hope you'll tune in!


NEW: The Martha Stewart Wine Co.

Wine lovers can now turn to Martha Stewart Wine Co. for a selection of wines from some of the world's finest wine-producing regions. The Martha Stewart Wine Co. is a direct-to-consumer service featuring carefully curated bottles that are delivered straight to your home or office. Martha has also included a special collection of her own personal favourites - the wines that she reaches for first whenever she entertains!
Martha consulted with vitners from around the world to develop a collection of high-quality, flavourful wines that both wine aficionados and those new to wine tasting will love. A wide range of varietals and price points are on offer, from affordable everyday wines to premium, special-occasion bottles. Visit marthastewartwine.com to learn more about the service and the wines Martha has selected.
The online shop delivers to your door within three business days, so you'll always have your favourite bottles on hand for every occasion. U.S. residents only.


A New Way to Bake - Out Now!

Martha's 88th book is in bookstores now! A New Way to Bake has 130 foolproof recipes that showcase the many ways these newly accessible ingredients can transform traditional cookies, pies, cakes, breads, and more. Chocolate chip cookies gain greater depth with earthy farro flour, pancakes become protein powerhouses when made with quinoa, and lemon squares get a wonderfully crumbly crust and subtle nutty flavor thanks to coconut oil. Superfoods are right at home in these baked goods; granola has a dose of crunchy chia seeds, and gluten-free brownies have an extra chocolaty punch from cocoa nibs. 
I'm looking forward to sitting down with the book and finding a few recipes to try this spring!


Remembering George Christiansen

Early last week, Martha's younger brother George Christiansen died suddenly at home of an apparent heart attack at the age of 65. George leaves behind his loving wife Margaret (Rita) and their daughter Kristina.

Many Martha Stewart readers remember George from his appearances on her television shows, articles in her magazines and mentions of him in her books, particularly "Martha Stewart's New Old House" in which the renovation of the Adams House was largely overseen by Martha's brother.

Martha had great admiration for George's excellent skills as a builder and carpenter. Many of the early renovations at Turkey Hill (under Martha's stewardship) were designed and completed by George and his contracting firm, Pequot Remodeling, based in Fairfield, Connecticut.

I know I speak for everyone when I wish George's immediate family comfort and condolences during this difficult time. Below is a link to a wonderful clip from Martha Stewart Living of George and Martha making blueberry pies together. I know he will be very missed.
Click here to watch the video.